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Erode is a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu once part of great Kongu Nadu. Erode is the seventh largest urban agglomeration in Tamil Nadu and is the administrative headquarters of Erode District.

Weather: 26° C, Wind N at 2 km/h, 91% Humidity

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Top Restaurants in Erode

* Velumani Idly Center

Erode, Velumani Idly Center in Sivagiri, Address : No 62, Nesavalar Colany, Siv  ...

* Trichy Cafe Classic

Erode, Trichy Cafe in Erode, Address : No 511,Nethaji Road, Erode - 638001, Ta  ...

* Lijo Sky Pool Restaurant

Erode, Lijo Sky Pool Restaurant in Erode, Address : Hotel Radha Prasad, #344, N  ...

* The Oasis Restaurant

Erode, The Oasis Restaurant in Erode, Address : No 695, Sathy Road, Muncipal Co  ...

* Appuchi Veezdu Restaurant

Erode, Appuchi Veezdu Restaurant in Erode, Address : No. 309/5, Perundurai road,  ...

* Marry Brown Family Restaurant

Erode, Marry Brown Family Restaurant in Erode, Addreess : No 194, Perundurai Road  ...

* Venum Biryani

Erode, Venum Biryani in Erode, Address : No 12 Vmk Complex, VCT Road, Sathy R  ...

* Chimney Restaurant

Erode, Chimney Restaurant in Erode, Address : No. 21, Old Railway Station Road,  ...

* Marapalam Mudaliyar Mess

Erode, Marapalam Mudaliyar Mess in Erode, Family-run restaurant with 1930's origins se  ...

* UBM Namma Veetu Saapaadu

Erode, UBM Namma Veetu Saappaadu in Perundurai,Erode. ubm hotel erode,UBM Keda virundh  ...

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